Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Yes, the eValuate™ framework is structured to facilitate comparative reporting yet allows for flexibility to include any laboratory organization and operating model.
Using all your cost, volume and revenue data eValuate™ provides a deep understanding of your financial trends. An accurate cost- and revenue-per-test calculation will allow you to optimize your profits-per-test.
Our implementation team will provide the eValuate™ data collection templates, guidance and training for the initial data gathering and model setup. This team of experts will support you throughout this process and will assist in the verification and validation of the data.

After validation the final report will be published to the secure online platform. Data collection is periodically repeated, and your updated report published.
Once the initial data has been extracted, with the support of the implementation team, your first reports can be online within 6 weeks.
One of the key features of eValuate™ is to simplify and structure the data take-on and cost allocations. Our team of experts will further assist to make sure that you understand the data requirements and the resultant reports.
eValuate™ has a secure online platform that allows for controlled access to your reports.
The current proposed update interval is quarterly. The rationale is that any changes made to your operations will take about 3 months to reflect in your finances.
Governed by a very strict data and confidentiality contract, the eValuate™ data process, from acquisition, extraction, manipulation and calculation to reporting is done in a secure Microsoft Azure environment, with all data being encrypted at rest and during transfer.

Please reach out to us at if you want to learn more about our data governance policy or have any other concerns.
The initial contracting term is for 12 months, after which the future engagements will be subject based on your needs and requirements.

A tailored payment schedule can also be defined and agreed upon. Please use the Contact Us page then we can discuss a flexible payment option.
Yes, training on using and completing the eValuate™ data collection templates and for understanding the resultant reports are included.
Absolutely! Should you start off with only 1 site, we would strongly encourage you to include all the sites across your organization.

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