Laboratory operations improvement

eValuate™ provides the insights to understand the cost impact of your current laboratory operations in terms of processes employed, by analyzing the activities required, and instruments used. These insights will highlight the cost of maintenance and services contracts and reagent and consumable expenses.

By comparing tests performed at different facilities, potential improvement or savings initiatives can easily be identified.


How we help operations managers:
  • Define operations in terms of costs
  • Comparative analysis on testing network
  • Provides KPIs to track continuous improvement

Laboratory operations

Gain a true understanding of the actual costs incurred when performing a test with eValuate™.  By dissecting your current laboratory operations from a financial perspective, you will gain the ability to identify high-cost driving activities and analyzers and compare cost-per-test at different facilities across your organization.

eValuate™ provides a transparent report that will enable laboratory managers and financial officers to make informed decisions about resource allocation, service contracts and process optimization.

Laboratory network management

eValuate™ enables laboratory operations directors to assess their testing network through comparative analyses of volume-, cost- and profit per test on site, department, and instrument level. These insights will arm you to strategically decide on testing locations and reference laboratories, resource allocations and truly unlock economies of scale for your organization.

Supplier negotiations will also be supported by comparing consumable and reagent costs across testing facilities and platforms, as well as maintenance and service contracts. Support capital expense decisions by promised and actual cost-per-test.

Continuous improvement

As a dedicated laboratory cost management solution, based on a true cost per test calculation, eValuate™ will not only support you in identifying areas for financial improvement but also highlight operational inefficiencies, like ineffective resource allocation or unrefined consumable contracts.

By analyzing and understanding the correlation between expenditures and operational workflows, laboratories can implement initiatives to enhance both cost-effectiveness and efficiency simultaneously.

This integrated approach enables laboratories to align their financial strategies with operational goals, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Ready to uncover the true costs of your laboratory operations?

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