Cost per test: driving financial insight

Designed specifically for laboratories, eValuate™ will support effective laboratory cost management through its reliably repeatable cost per test calculation. Interrogate your cost, volume and revenue data with the eValuate™ interactive report to gain unparalleled transparency and detailed financial insights.

The eValuate™ framework

By seamlessly integrating data from your Finance system, Human Resources (HR) system, Laboratory Information System (LIS) and your laboratory processes, eValuate™ provides you with a comprehensive solution that analyses testing costs, volume and profit.

Our cost algorithm breaks costs down from the organization level through to the test level, calculating your true cost-per-test.

With accuracy and certainty, you can say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a data-driven approach. eValuate™ is a user-friendly and powerful laboratory cost management service that can unlock greater profitability in your laboratory environment.

What do you get with eValuate™?

How the process and the cost per test calculation works

eValuate™ & data training

eValuate™ consultants will work with you to allocate costs and activities to launch the implementation phase. eValuate™ will use information from three data systems, namely finance, HR and LIS. Training is provided to staff to get up and running with eValuate™.

Data gathering

After extracting all necessary data, additional descriptive metadata will be added to complete the organization’s definition and facilitate the cost and activity allocation process. Following the initial set-up phase, data will be periodically refreshed.

Calculation and reporting

Data accuracy is verified on the eValuate™ templates. eValuate™ technicians will then import the data into the primary structure for thorough validation, calculation and report generation. Reports are published and accessible to clients through the eValuate™ reporting web application.

Guided interpretation

During the implementation phase, consultants will analyze initial reports and identify any outlier or aberrant data. These reports will be discussed with you and updates made until final data validation. Validated published reports are available through the eValuate™ reporting web application.

Ready to uncover the true costs of your laboratory operations?

Schedule a demo of eValuate™ today to gain insight into your current laboratory costs. eValuate™ will quickly reveal ways in which to improve cost-per-test and your overall laboratory cost management.