Effective laboratory finance management

Get a 360-degree view of actual laboratory costs

eValuate™ equips laboratory finance directors with true cost-per-test insights, eliminating inaccurate costing. With greater accuracy and the real numbers, financial planning can be improved, and cost-saving opportunities identified.

How we help finance directors :
  • Know your true costs and identify key trends
  • Improve the accuracy of financial forecasting
  • Use multi-level reports to conduct site and department comparisons
  • Easier identification of cost-saving opportunities
  • More strategic and profitable pricing models
  • Enhanced financial performance and improved profitability

Laboratory finance: planning & budgeting

Ensure that your financial goals are in sync with the operational objectives and requirements, making an aligned budget possible. Empower your laboratory finance management with accurate cost-per-test calculations, trend analysis and the ability to use comparative analytics across your organization.

Laboratory finance: reporting & analysis

With its interactive BI report, eValuate allows analyses from high-level site and department overviews to detailed interrogations of every test, every cost, and every activity. With intuitive reporting, complex laboratory cost analysis is simplified. This allows for further support of effective laboratory finance management, informing on service pricing, overall and individual test profitability, and guiding strategic decisions on resource allocation, capacity planning and service offering.

Trend analysis of cost- and profit-per-test will visually report on the impact of your improvement, or corrective, actions and clearly track your progress over time.

eValuate™ gives laboratory finance directors the ability to conduct a deep-dive analysis by having access to high level and granular information. With intuitive multi-level reporting, complex cost analysis is simplified, aiding the analysis and reporting function.

Strategic long-term planning

eValuate™ offers valuable insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of the diverse range of functions within your operations. By being able to analyze all costs accurately, eValuate™ can assist in identifying bottlenecks, problem areas, cost inefficiencies and unprofitable activities. This insight can be used to drive more effective and more profitable long-term plans.

The benefits for your operations include:
  • High-level network overview
  • Site & test profitability
  • Site & department comparisons

Ready to uncover the true costs of your laboratory operations?

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